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5 Unique Ways to Serve Cake at an Event
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Be it New Year celebration, a special event or wedding, nothing is complete without cake. Cake is an important part of any memorable and successful catering menu. No matter what the occasion is, you surely pay a lot of attention to creating a perfect cake. That’s why when it comes to serving, you have to do it right.

When it’s about serving a showstopper or signature cake, there is no way you want it to be hidden from sight. Rather, it should be in the limelight for everyone to see when the knife cuts down the slice. Consider the theme and décor of your event - a traditional canopy or cake stand might fit the bill, but how about a large wooden spool to support the base and decorating the table with décor and flowers that match the surrounding?

No matter how you choose to display your cake, to go a step ahead, you can serve it up in unique ways. Instead of just cutting slices, place them on normal plates and serve them with forks. We’ll share with you five unique serving styles so that you may serve your cake in a way no one has ever done before.

1. Slices in Jars
This is an easy yet elegant way to serve cake that is now trending in different events. Use small mason jars to serve the cake in your event with small spoons attached with jars by ribbons. You can also decorate the jar with a unique design or leave it plain for a neat look.

2. Cake Pops
Fun, funky and easy, cake pops can be used to serve cake in a unique fashion. Cake slices on popsicle sticks don’t really require much space or crockery and are a perfect to get your cake to your crowd. A no fuss, no-mess fun treat for your guests.

3. Cake Shooters
Forget the usual plates with forks and turn to something different. Serving cake in simple cake syringes or push-pops are a great way to add exceptionality to your party. Fill the containers with icing, sprinkles and cake layers for a fun dessert.

4. Ice-cream Cones
You think cones are just to eat ice cream? Open up your mind to endless possibilities and use plain, chocolate dipped or sugar cones as cake holders to surprise all your guests with a completely different way of serving cakes. Great for those who are young and lively at heart.

5. Boxes
In case the meal is extensive, finishing up a heavy cake can be hard and you don’t want your guests to leave it on the plate. So, consider bow tied boxes to go with the cake. This way, your guests would be able to take the cake with them and remember how much you cared about them.

At Cincinnati Catering, we love cake and our bakers have designed thousands of beautiful custom cakes for many clients. If you have a cake in mind for your dream event, contact us and we’ll turn it into a reality.


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