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Corporate Event Trends for 2019
Friday, December 28, 2018

This year, we have witnessed a rise in innovative concepts for corporate events. In 2019, we expect more firms to turn to corporate events for greater exposure. Now, the important question is; what type of corporate events will take center stage in the coming year?
We have already seen technology playing an important part of corporate events and clients are seeking unique concepts to make their events more memorable and entertaining for their attendees. Here’s what we can expect in 2019.

Interactive Entertainment

Event attendees no longer like the concept of just sitting in their seats and observing the show, they crave to become a part of the action. From promotional events to trade shows, an event’s success depends on involving the attendees and providing experiential activities. Therefore, in 2019, we expect more corporate events to offer interactive entertainment to the attendees. Some interactive entertainment options for corporate events include photo booths, interactive sound systems, and live video feeds.

Increased Use of Technology

2019 is guaranteed to have increased use of live streaming and applications that increase social media impressions. Moreover, virtual reality and augmented reality apps will also be employed in corporate events. Robots are also being used in corporate events nowadays to increase engagement of the guests. They offer customizability, interaction, and branding options.

Development in the artificial technology sector means that robots will gain more exposure in corporate events organized in 2019. Robots will be powerful than ever. They’ll be able to enhance corporate event experiences for the guests. Moreover, we’ll see a rise in VR apps at corporate events next year. This includes the likes of VR painting, customized VR booths and much more.

Interesting Foods and Unique Venues

Black canvas centers, dull meeting spaces, and empty corporate venues are long gone. The new trends are stunning décor, pop-up venues and interesting food suppliers. In fact, an actual venue may not even be required anymore. Pop-up events are currently in. This allows an event planner to creatively utilize an open space for an event and offer the required interactivity.


Another emerging trend nowadays is of gamification at corporate events. Games during the event keep guests entertained and increase team work. Gamification turns the corporate event into a fascinating and memorable experience. Examples of gamification include scavenger hunt, escape room and other interesting games where members are required to overcome obstacles by working together. At its core, gamification is the concept used to bring competition and play into a corporate event. While attendees are networking and learning, there isn’t a better way to promote interaction than through engaging games. In 2019, gamification will rise in corporate events.

As the corporate events transform, Cincinnati Catering will be there to satisfy the growing needs of event organizers. For more information about how we can serve your needs, feel free to contact us.


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