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How to Find the Right Catering Company
Thursday, July 26, 2018

Choosing the right caterer for your event is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want to hire a high quality catering company who can meet your needs. This is not the time to rely on a friend’s new business for your big event. Experience and service are key!

The catering company should be known for its great tasting food and should also offer a variety of menu selections that will accommodate most of your guests. If you have specific dietary requirements, be sure you mention those up front, so a menu can be created accordingly.

There are a few things that you need to be mindful of before you actually contract with a catering company. Read on for more insider tips.


This is step one in the planning process. Reach out to each of the caterers you are considering to see if they are available to assist on your big day. Keep in mind that smaller companies may only be able to handle one event per day while other larger companies may handle multiple. Be sure your other key vendors such as the event venue, music, and baker are also available on the same date before you sign a contract with a catering company.


Hopefully, you have established a total budget for your event. If you haven’t yet, get started on that!

Before you consult in detail with a caterer, you should have some idea of the budget you are willing to spend for food services.
After you have worked your budget out, you can consult with multiple caterers that provide services meeting your criteria and stay within your budget limits. Then choose the package that provides the best services while staying in your budget limits.

The Food

When you choose a catering company, you want their food to taste great and their presentation to be up to par. You can ask for the portfolio of the catering company and whom they have worked for in the past. Usually, pictures of the food and presentation can be found on the company’s website or social media outlets. If you want to taste food samples, contact your catering company to set up an appointment.

More and more restaurants are advertising that they offer catering. While this can be an option, you need to be aware that you are generally not getting “full-service”. In many cases, this means you may have to pick up the food from the restaurant instead of having it delivered to your event. And, if they do offer delivery, how are they keeping the food warm while it is in transit and until your guests are ready to eat? And, how is the food presented? While this option may be good for some events, it is probably not the type of look you will want if you are trying to wow your guests. Catering companies are accustomed to transporting food in commercial warming units, supplying stainless chafing dishes to keep the food hot in upon arrival at your venue, and setting up a nice buffet.

The Reliability

Reliability is key. If your food arrives late, is not the right temperature, or is low in quantity, you can only imagine how embarrassed you will be. Be sure to choose a caterer with a good track record.

Contracting with the right catering company will make your life a breeze. Simply show up for your party and use your time to interact with your guests instead of worrying about the food.


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