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How to plan the best corporate event
Thursday, August 30, 2018

Has your boss picked you to plan the event of the year? Are you nervous about how you will plan the entire thing by yourself—the location, the catering, the perfect everything? Are you dying to impress your boss, but can’t think of where to start? Well, here are a few tips that can help you plan the best event that is surely going to help you get promoted.

Organization and starting ahead of time is the key to an awesome event. Start with the following:

1 - Determine a budget

Budget is one of the most important things as it can be the biggest constraint as well. Depending on the budget, you decide the venue, the caterer, the arrangements that you can afford the number of people invited, etc.

It is wise to set the budget limit beforehand, as you do not want to ask for more than what is available.

2 - Determine the objective

Before you start to plan the event, write down the objective. When you define what you want to accomplish, you are taking a step towards a successful corporate event. The target audience of the event is the attendees so consider them when writing down the main objective.

Decide who your potential guests are and what their expectations are. Make a checklist, under the main objective, of all these things, and plan the event around those expectations.

3 - Narrow down the guest list

Decide on a target audience. Is the aim of the event to attain, retain, or entertain the clients?

A well-researched target audience is a key component to a perfect event. It not only helps you stay within the budget but also helps you choose your speakers, caterer, venue, ambiance, and entertainment.

4 - Find a perfect venue

Where you hold the event is of key importance as that leaves a long lasting impression on the audience. When you start this step keep in mind your budget and audience. Even if you do not like the venue but it suits your audience, choose it.

Select the venue based on what it provides—tables, chairs, in-house catering, lighting, sound, etc— and on word- of-mouth. You do not want to hold the event in a place that has a negative reputation.

To select the best venue that will make your event memorable for the attendees, try to coordinate it with the catering company that you hire.

5 - Find the best catering company

Trust us, the food is the highlight of the event. Having the best caterer, be it a large or small event, is crucial. Consult food caterers and try their food before you hire their company. If you are confused about what food would suit your event, contact them and ask.

6 - Establish Event timing and procedure

Plan out the event. Will there be a set time for dinner? Do you want a seated dinner? Will there be an opening ceremony? Consider the seating procedures and leave some time for delays.

7 - Organize staff duties and re-check

Before the event, give detailed direction to the staff members that are helping out. This will improve the quality of the event and give you relief as well. Alongside, confirm all arrangements made.

Follow the steps above, then enjoy, and network at the event. While the task may have seemed daunting, by picking the best caterer and venue you have arranged the most memorable corporate event.

Ready to plan the best corporate event? Contact us at Cincinnati Catering and we will help you out.


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