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What Makes a BBQ Wedding Successful
Friday, June 22, 2018

BBQ is a perfect option that goes with a relaxing outdoor wedding.

Also, there’s nothing better than the smell of a BBQ grill on a hot sunny day. This is easier said than done. They can be quite difficult to organize on your own. BBQ weddings can be that much more fun if you let a professional catering service take care of it.

They know details about BBQ weddings which you might miss out on if you try to do it yourself.

For a successful BBQ wedding, here are six details that you should pay special attention to:

Always Be Realistic about Your Venue Size

The most important thing to make sure when you book a venue for your BBQ wedding is that the venue is large and spacious enough for the people to escape from the BBQ smoke. If the venue doesn’t have a BBQ area then your BBQ wedding will probably suffocate your guests. Usually, most of the venues have separate BBQ setups so they’ll be able to advise you on what will be the best layout for your wedding reception.

Make Sure the Meat is Stocked

Another golden rule to make your BBQ wedding go smoothly is to make sure you have enough meat stocked up. Also, you need to include a variety of meat like steaks, sausage sizzlers, kebabs, burgers and chicken breasts.

Never Forget the Veggies

Sometimes your guest list includes people who are vegetarians or vegans. So in order to spare yourself from embarrassment don’t forget to cater for your vegetarian and non meat eating guests. You should make sure that there are delicious salads, vegetable kebabs or tuna steaks for those who can at least eat fish.

Good Variety of Drinks

BBQs aren’t complete without beer, but don’t forget that various wines and rich reds like oaked Merlot also work really well with the steaks. If the reception is being arranged on a hot sunny day then lemonade would be a refreshing choice.

Having a BBQ wedding doesn’t mean you cannot have a formal style sit down meal. A professional catering service has lots of options like serving family style which includes placing the platters of meat in the center of the guests’ tables and letting them help themselves. Also, BBQ can be served in a buffet style. It all depends on your budget and your guest list. If you want your BBQ wedding to be innovative, well organized and a total blast, then contact Cincinnati Catering. Our professional caterers simply know how to turn an ordinary wedding into a memorable one for sure!


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